An alternative education system: A I H D C to a University Degree.
Confused & Distracted? Seek Peace & Calm in 5 Heaven a Back-to-Nature Retreat.
Dance for Health; Dance for Life. AC Dance Accreditation and Certification for Dance.
Cycling for health: join Cycle Fete to come with us on our adventures exploring Singapore & more!
Our Body has the ability to heal itself. Learn how. Meroll and when the Body Heals, Everything Heals.
For a health & lifelong fun, ABSNA Dance provides Diploma in Dance & Performing Arts.

Healthy Food & Exercise: Best Solutions for Lasting Health & Anti-AgingHealth & Beauty

Acdine Vegetable Multi Vitamins is made from natural vegetables and condiments, it has over 90 natural nutrients that your body needs. Most vitamins, pills and supplements are usually mixed with a lot of chemicals, making them less effective. Read the ingredients of the supplements you buy, make sure it is all natural and does not contain any chemicals or preservatives.

Nature Provides the World's Best Multi-Vitamin

Acdine- Be Healthy, Be BeautifulOne of the best Multi-Vitamins in the world. Over 90 nutrients taken from nature's plants in its natural form that can nourish your body with the proper nutrients it needs to flourish.
When properly nourished, your body has the ability to heal itself; and when your body heals, everything heals.

Acdine is taken for beautiful skin, hair growth, weight loss, high energy, feeling fresh, strong teeth & bones. It is also used to prevent & treat over 300 chronic illnesses like severe arthritis, severe toothache, migraine, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, asthma, cholesterol, anxiety, headaches, migraine, hangover, allergy, stomach ulcers, infections, sores, fever, inflammation, joint pain, pimples, respiratory disorders. It nourishes your whole body, kidney, liver, heart, eye, strengthens teeth, skin & hair.

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